Spaceship Company – New Site

September 19, 2011

We’re all pumped about the launch of a brand new website for aerospace manufacturer, The Spaceship Company. Founded by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites, they will provide the world’s first fleet of commercial spaceships. We have designed and built a new website filled with surreal, futurist imagery that functions with simplicity and ease.

On that note, Chris and Annika are out in the Mojave desert this week to celebrate the unveiling of  TSC’s new hangar, FAITH. Check out the website, look at their spaceships and watch some NOVA. I also want one their rad Daft Punk-ish space suits. By the way, have you seen their epic Spaceport? view project


New Client – IMBU

December 2, 2015

Can you imagine being able to perfectly match a piece of fabric to a color on your computer screen? The ability to do so would undoubtedly save an immense amount of money, time and resources.

Our new client IMBU has developed software that has finally made this process a reality. Not only is their technology rad, it is also going to have a huge environmental impact. In the textile industry, designers and brand owners have never had a means of ensuring that manufacturers are producing their goods in the correct shade, which has resulted in a lot of waste. IMBU helps to eliminate these wasted resources by ensuring the highest levels of consistency.

We designed and developed a teaser site for this revolutionary software color management company and are excited to embark on a full-fledged version of their site next year.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.53.42 PM

Ride Illinois – Rebrand & Site Launch

November 5, 2015

The League of Illinois Bicyclists recently came to us for a brand overhaul. We are proud to present Ride Illinois – an organization still devoted to improving bicycling conditions statewide, now with a stronger voice, wider vision and refreshed look. In addition to renaming the organization, we created a logo with momentum and built a brand new site. In the spirit of the organization we designed and developed the site to be welcoming and user-friendly, so that cyclists of all ages can easily access the resources Ride Illinois has to offer.


VIA – Site & Installation

October 16, 2015

Public Works x Someoddpilot joined Them Flavors and Join the Studio to produce VIA CHI, an underground audio-visual arts festival. We designed and built a visually arresting site using WebGL technology, allowing for highly realistic 3D renderings of abstract images to create a mind-altering URL experience. Our team also built a large-scale, mixed media installation for the fest. Anonymous self-portraits played across 18 LCD monitors alongside 50 feet of original print, turning the familiar into the virtually grotesque.


Public Works Gallery – Site Relaunch

October 12, 2015

We launched a new site for Public Works Gallery – the gallery space connected to our studio that also functions as Someoddpilot’s experimental sandbox. We reorganized the site and moved all content to Tumblr to make it more user-friendly and shareable. Overall, the facelift achieves a clean and minimalist aesthetic, ideal for showcasing Public Works’ past & upcoming exhibitions, digital gallery and visual essays.


CAT Footwear – Digital Pop-up

October 1, 2015

To unveil CAT Footwear’s Autumn/Winter line, we created a Digital Pop-up with collections curated by three trendsetters. We shot, designed and developed each edit to feel like a unique shopping experience, using video, graphics and GIFs to convey the curators’ fashionable aesthetics: Rebel Rock, All Weather and Weekender. The result is three distinct shops that highlight the sophisticated details and rugged craftsmanship at the core of the lifestyle brand. Check it out through the rest of October.


Sebago – Site Launch

September 30, 2015

We completed our latest project with Sebago—makers of the iconic boat shoe, masters of blending craftsmanship with purpose—and are proud to share their new e-commerce site. A design overhaul streamlines the look and feel of the site, showcasing the timelessness of their quality product.


Chaco – Fit For Adventure Tour

September 5, 2015

For Chaco’s second annual Fit for Adventure Tour, we designed and developed a page housing festival information and on-the-road pics of the custom trailer’s cross-country expedition. The immersive experience put shoes directly into the hands of festivalgoers, allowing folks living the Chaco-lifestyle to cool off, get a taste of their mobile app, and try to win some rad giveaways.



Chaco – Strap Adjuster

June 25, 2015

In our most recent collaboration with Chaco, we created the Strap Adjuster–a desktop and mobile app that uses illustrated GIFs to provide no-nonsense fit tutorials. No need to hope that you purchased the right size, or wonder if your sandal is secure…simply click “Get Started” and take your new Chacos out for a stroll.




Cat Footwear – Site Launch

March 19, 2015

We’ve had the pleasure of designing Cat Footwear’s sites since 2007, and we’re excited to announce the latest launch. It’s a bold new look for Cat Footwear that we’ve been developing with them for the past year. You can check out the site here, or take a look at their super immersive Our Story page. Keep an eye out for more Cat Footwear projects from us soon…


Keds – Site Launch

February 9, 2015

Hey folks! Way back in 2014 we neglected to share some exciting news with you – our crew designed and developed the new site for Keds. Go check it out!


Land and Sea Dept. – Site Launch

January 19, 2015

If you live in Chicago and know good taste, you know the work of Land and Sea Dept. We love these guys and are proud to be involved in their pursuits. For this project, we designed and developed an online home to showcase their great work. They always seem to be opening a new bar (Lost Lake), dining concept (Thank You Chinese), or ice rink (behind Parson’s Chicken & Fish this winter). They design, build, create and curate… they get things done. Check it out.


The Second City – Rebrand of an Iconic Comedy Institution

January 14, 2015

The Second City, one of the world’s most celebrated entertainment institutions and the bastion of improv-based sketch comedy since 1959 came to us for an extensive rebrand. Our team sculpted and reworked all touch points of the iconic brand, from voice and tone, to color palette, to custom hand drawn fonts, to full poster design. Check it out. 


15 Years of Someoddpilot

January 7, 2015

We’re turning fifteen this year. To celebrate the people, craft and tenacity that landed us where we are now, we’re commemorating this major milestone with designs to honor our fifteen wild years in the art and design world.

See a graphic that strikes you? Download it for your desktop to ring in the 2015 new year. Celebrations are best when shared.


Slope iPad Mount – Photography

December 1, 2014

Our longtime friend and partner Erik Kittlaus is the founder of Dekke, a Chicago-based company with an unprecedented product design sensibility. And little known fact, Dekke headquarters are stationed up north in our old SOP digs. Slope, Dekke’s first product release made possible by a megahit Kickstarter campaign, is an elegant, minimal tabletop iPad mount. Slope positions your tablet upright, and out in front of you by way of revolutionary, microscopic suction technology.  Our team did all of the Slope product shots to bring the slick design to light and expose the benefits of its unrivaled technology. Check out the various Slope mounts.


Beak “Let Time Begin” – Site Launch

November 24, 2014

We wanted to recreate the experience of buying a record, sitting down with it and immersing yourself in liner notes and huge images. So we did. We’re thrilled to announce that Chicago’s favorite post-metal band Beak has a new website for their recently released “Let Time Begin” record. Armed with 100+ graphics and videos to stream alongside the music – each created in-house at Someoddpilot specifically for the record – this website is the first-ever realization of a truly authentic and groundbreaking digital music experience. In form and function, the website serves up the feeling of perusing through a physical record as video, images and sound penetrate your senses. The control buttons fit in seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the site, leading users on an unadulterated and intense journey from the beginning of time. With every song played through SoundCloud, this site boasts the true meaning of digital music. Check it out. 


Designing Viv: The Next Wave of Artificial Intelligence

August 11, 2014

Siri’s creators developed a new, groundbreaking AI that will alter the reality of human-computer interaction forever. Like the Hals and the Samanthas we’ve only dreamed of in science fiction fantasy, this new hyper advanced artificial intelligence will be able to teach itself, giving it almost limitless capabilities. We shaped the name, developed the logo, and gave it an identity. Learn more about how we designed the next wave of artificial intelligence.


The Promontory – Site Launch

August 7, 2014

The team behind Longman & Eagle and Thalia Hall have brought another amazing venue to Chicago: The Promontory. The restaurant, bar, and concert hall is part of Hyde Park’s 53rd Street revitalization project, and we had the pleasure of making their website. Make a reservation.

Camp Firebelly Shirt & Bag

Lending a Hand to Camp Firebelly

July 14, 2014

Camp Firebelly challenges young designers who are looking to do-good with their skills through a collaborative project working directly with a nonprofit organization. All throughout the 10 day experience, there are surprise guests, outside adventures, hands-on workshops, incredible meals and most of all, friendships made that will last a lifetime. We did our small part by designing this year’s apparel. Learn more here.


Chicago Design Week

June 9, 2014

It’s Chicago Design Week, which means there are a ton of awesome events to check out in the city, and we’re privileged to be exhibiting pieces in two of them. We are contributing to the Chicago Design Museum’s exhibit, Starts/Speculations: Graphic Design in Chicago Past and Future and AIGA Chicago’s This is Chicago, a celebration of the AIGA’s centennial.

The SOP team will be at both openings – be sure to say hey!

Thursday 7-10
Venue One
1044 W. Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60607

Friday 6-10
Block 37, 3rd floor
108 N. State Street
Chicago, IL 60602


Saucony – Site Launch

June 2, 2014

We’re proud to announce the launch of Saucony’s new global ecommerce site. One of the oldest American shoe brands, Saucony makes no-nonsense running shoes that are high performance, high tech, and high design. That’s true loyalty to the sport. Check it out here.


Cat Footwear – Coachella Shoot

May 15, 2014

While the rest of the world went to Coachella to play, we went there to work, and it was intense. We shot a lookbook for CAT Footwear, and a desert festival was the perfect setting for their tough summer style.


Cat Footwear – SS15 Shoot

April 20, 2014

In March we flew out to LA for a video shoot for CAT Footwear’s SS15 campaign. In addition to shooting on the shores of the Salton Sea and at warehouses downtown, we had a chance to treat the citizens of LA to a display of our blindingly white bodies at the Standard pool.


James Dyson Foundation – Site Launch

April 10, 2014

The James Dyson Foundation is the apple of Sir James Dyson’s eye for a very good reason. Engineering and design innovation, and art for that matter, require failure, repeatedly, until success is found. Great ideas require it. It took James Dyson 5000 prototypes to complete a groundbreaking vacuum. Dyson is committed to helping students and teachers realize their potential across the educational continuum. Download challenges and educational curriculums, order activity kits, enroll in an international engineering contest and become the next winner of the James Dyson Award. It’s all here: introducing the new James Dyson Foundation website. Let the games begin.


New Client – Saucony

February 25, 2014

We’ve teamed up with Saucony for some rad new digital and branding work.  An absolutely design-centric, Boston-based shoe extraordinaire, their Jazz line has had us since the 90’s, bro – yeah, we were there. We are happy to have another reason to pressure each other, at the end of the day, to get asses out of chairs, and onto the recently defrosted Chicago sidewalks.


Sperry – Site Launch

February 19, 2014

Sperry Top-Sider, an American legend, leaves the competition in its wake with a full design overhaul and considerably expanded, strategically mapped e-commerce site. After nine months of collaboration, it’s clear that the brand’s passion for the sea is only rivaled by their passion for best practices. Sunburnt and windswept, we proudly present to you the new


New Client – The Quiet Life

February 18, 2014

The Quiet Life, one of Andy Mueller’s myriad projects, needs a new website, and we’re happy to be the ones to design it. Andy, Chris’ long-time friend, is a formidable presence in the West-coast art scene, where he is a member of Art Dump, the Art Director of Lakai Footwear, and a sometimes collaborator with Spike Jonze. We’re excited to bring The Quiet Life into 2014, and to create an online lookbook and retail site for the brand. Now if only we could teleport that damn beach.


Cody Hudson – Site Launch

January 29, 2014

Cody Hudson: artist, designer, entrepreneur. He’s a gentleman and a pillar of the Chicago cultural scene. Someoddpilot has been lucky enough to call this guy a friend and collaborator since pants were baggy. As an artist Cody has exhibited work at the Museum of Contemporary Art and galleries across the globe, and under the pseudonym Struggle, he has produced design work for brands like Nike, Converse, Stussy, and Scion. Check out the treasure chest of a portfolio site we designed and built to house all these gems!


Dusek’s – Site Launch

January 27, 2014

Another new establishment from the guys behind the Empty Bottle – this one also featuring Michelin-star chef Jared Wentworth, of Longman & Eagle fame – Dusek’s sits in a historic building in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. But this one’s a triple play – upstairs is Thalia Hall – an old, old theatre that is being renovated to become the south side Metro – and downstairs is Punch House – a bar specializing in, well, punch. Like the physical arrangement, all three establishments sit within the same web structure, enabling a well-connected family of sites.


Workspring – Design Update

December 19, 2013

Last year we built a website for Workspring, a superluxe coworking space run by the folks at Steelcase. Our site features a design inspired by the clean aesthetic and practical usability of Steelcase’s beautiful furniture. We’re excited to give the site its first update and look forward to doing some field research.

The Second City

New Client – The Second City

September 17, 2013

We’re proud to announce that there are now only TWO degrees of separation between Someoddpilot and Tina Fey, and we have our newest client, The Second City, to thank for this. Second City is the home of comedy greats including Joan Rivers, Dan Aykroyd, Martin Short, Steve Carrell, Chris Farley, Bill Murray, Jim Belushi, and YES TINA FEY, and was the first American theater to bring improv to the mainstream.


New Client – Dyson

September 12, 2013

The James Dyson Foundation, named for its founder – the original celebrity engineer, is improving the world’s science education and they’ve tapped us to help them do it. Someoddpilot is thrilled to be renovating their website, and eager to produce one as effortlessly cool as their products.

Azdarya Water Crisis

Azdarya — Website Design and Development

September 10, 2013

70% of the Earth is covered in water, but less than 1% of that is accessible fresh water. Water is our planet’s most precious resource and we are using it up rapidly. Azdarya, an editorial website featuring stunning images shot by Balazs Gardi, is a project devoted to creating awareness about Earth’s water crisis. Check out the site we made for them and get educated.


New Client – Sperry Top-Sider

September 6, 2013

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest client, Sperry Top-Sider. It’s an honor to work with the iconic American brand, whose classic boat shoe some of us have been sporting since childhood. We look forward to collaborating with them in the digital space.


Roti – Ad Campaign

August 21, 2013

We’re excited to launch Roti Mediterranean Grill’s first outdoor advertising campaign ever, particularly because it means no more brainstorming sessions, which always left us hungry. The ads will be featured on buses, bus shelters, and in subway stations across DC and Chicago.


Sound Opinions Rebrand

August 10, 2013

Sound Opinions embodies our favorite parts of the music world – musicians that blow our minds, critics that actually know what they’re talking about, and accessible, intelligent conversation. NPR’s beloved show came to Someoddpilot for a logo that represented their evolution into properties beyond radio, including digital and live events. The new Sound Opinions logo has an understated shape that mirrors the brand’s commitment to interactive discourse and represents its mission to give everyone access to good music and thoughtful discussion.

Someoddpilot at Creative Mornings Chicago

Someoddpilot at Creative Mornings Chicago

July 23, 2013

This Friday Someoddpilot’s owner and creative director, Chris Eichenseer, will give the lecture for Creative Mornings Chicago. July’s topic is “space” – a topic near and dear to Chris’ heart, not only as a designer, but as a sci-fi devotee.

The event itself is sold out, but you can always catch the video posted up to the site afterwards. Check it out.



Merrell – New Website

April 29, 2013

Introducing the fully redesigned

As Merrell’s digital communications agency, and as devoted believers in outdoor recreation, we’re proud to roll out this new work, a half-year in the making, that features the brand’s continued evolution into the outdoor athletic space with bold new messaging. We re-designed nearly every page of the site, architected new templates from scratch, and executed our front-end development duties in sync with our friends at Wolverine and CQL. As a means for pushing the brand forward, we art directed and photographed a new hero product photography style with our in-house team of photographers and digital artists.

Check out the site and get inspired to get outside.

House of Rock

Someoddpilot x Design Bureau Magazine

April 2, 2013

The House of Rock is a $20 million dollar Santa Monica mansion furnished floor to ceiling by celebrity designers. We flew out to California with Design Bureau Magazine to capture behind-the-scenes video of the feature photo shoot for their April issue, and wrote, shot, and built an interactive article that takes you on a complete tour of the House of Rock. Models everywhere!

Visit the House of Rock website to see what happens when rock and roll smashes headfirst into high design and classic architecture.

Read more about our collaboration with Design Bureau.


Someoddpilot @ SXSW Interactive

March 7, 2013

Jon and Annika will be down in Austin this weekend for SXSW Interactive . If you want to connect (or invite them to your really awesome party) hit them up on Twitter @someoddpilot




Someoddpilot Workshop @ Nowhere Design Conference

March 5, 2013

Chris just returned from the weekend as a guest of the Nowhere Design Conference alongside Studio Dumbar and Chank Fonts. As the Someoddpilot creative director and photographer, he lectured and taught – within the context of Album Cover Design – a day long workshop on iconic image creation, original typography construction, and the creation of meaning. Shown here is his patented theorem on the latter – “Something, Something, Third Thing”. Catch his next presentation to riddle you that. The event was presented by AIGA and was an educational and inspiring experience for all. Photos from the conference on Instagram.


Pigeon & Poodle – New Site

January 21, 2013

We launched the new Pigeon & Poodle website this month, a new venture from the people of Made Goods. P&P is dedicated to the finer details of the home and it shows in the gorgeous line of products that you wish were for sale. We designed and developed a business to business catalog site in collaboration with Nation Forest’s fine branding work. It’s a pigeon and a poodle, ok?


In Process – Workspring Website

December 17, 2012

Someoddpilot is a growing, flexing group of bodies and minds, all with different office-related needs. We inhabit a hybrid loft space that’s plugged into – if the power outages of summer 2012 are any indication – the least reliable power-grid in the Chicago. As such, our company would make a fantastic case study for our newest client, Workspring.

Workspring is an innovative branch of Steelcase (of office furniture fame), that sets up and runs tricked-out corporate coworking spaces, full of Steelcase’s most advanced products and technologies. Like Chicago’s Coop or NYC’s Grind, Workspring’s locations offer flexibility that a traditional office can’t afford, and amenities that a bedroom desk or coffeeshop lack. Unlike most coworking spaces, however, Workspring is designed specifically to house mobile employees of large corporations, longterm multi-person projects, and host big corporate events.

Workspring is all about turning the expected, accepted and ineffective on its head, so we’re excited to be working with them!


Wallo Wins The Chicago Architecture Prize

November 26, 2012

Our very own Wallo Villacorta won the Chicago Architecture Prize. The competition is the latest installment in the heated Northwestern Prentice Hospital preservation debate, and along with Studio Gang’s entry, Wallo’s winning concept will work to sway public opinion and convince decision-makers that the building is a usable Chicago landmark worth saving.

Wallo partnered with Cyril Marsollier, an interior designer at East Lake Studio, for the project, which the Reader describes as a “striking first-place winner” that “proposes a massive new reflective-glass building that would settle on and ingest half of Prentice’s distinctive cloverleaf of concrete cylinders.”

Before joining the Someoddpilot team, Wallo studied architecture at University of Illinois and worked at Zurich-based architectural firm e2a.


Chris Speaking at Seek

November 9, 2012

Chris was invited to speak at Northern Illinois University’s Seek Design Conference, joining a 12-year history of storied designers like Paula Scher of Pentagram, Kyle Cooper of R/GA, Chip Kidd of Knopf, Jakob Trollbäck, Debbie Millman, and legendary Modernist / NYC Subway map designer Massimo Vignelli.

In classic Chris fashion, his talk* will address a really basic, subtle topic: contemporary design considered in light of three million years of humanity, and the earth seen from the vantage point of the sun.

The conference is Saturday Nov, 10th, and there are still tickets available.

*Carl Sagan-approved.


Photos On Film

October 12, 2012

Flux Creative Studio of LA commissioned us to shoot promotional photography for the new flick Seven Psychopaths at Logan Square Theater. After that we headed to the Charelston for afterparty antics and fine grooves courtesy of our good friend Jocelyn, aka DJ Clerical Error. Were you there? Find yourself in our photoset.


James Iha – New Site

October 8, 2012

Former Smashing Pumpkins member James Iha tapped us to design and build the site for his new solo album, Look To The Sky. The modular site is wallpapered with serene, sun-dappled imagery from the album, features our own hand-inked text, and displays all the content an artist needs to share in a neat, minimal fashion. Beautiful music deserves a beautiful home. View the site and listen to Iha’s new tracks.


In Process – Water Crisis Editorial

September 13, 2012

Our Environment (capital E) is a constant topic of conversation in the Someoddpilot office, so we were primed and eager to begin the design and development of an editorial website called “Azdarya” that covers the very real, very global water crisis facing our planet.

Little activist content is handled as elegantly as the essays and photography created by Balazs Gardi and Shoka Star, the two leaders of the effort (currently found at site Facing Water Crisis). Our designs will reflect the seriousness of the topic, and the intensity and care that Azdarya’s far-flung correspondents afford to our world’s most precious resource.


Storm Is Coming

August 30, 2012

Storm Thorgerson, the founder of the iconic design studio Hipgnosis, and 6th member of Pink Floyd, arrives next Friday at our gallery, Public Works, for his 40 year retrospective exhibition of his photographic art for such luminaries as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel, Def Leppard and of course, the almighty Floyd. He will be on hand for the opening reception Friday, September 7th, 7-10pm. RSVP here.


Chris Eichenseer Photography

August 15, 2012

Someoddpilot’s creative director, Chris Eichenseer, has launched a website portfolio of his personal work. His pieces delicately frame stark, sweeping landscapes and vestiges of industry. He finds beauty in what lacks life. Take a look.


Storm Thorgerson – Gallery Opening

August 7, 2012

We’re proud to announce that our sister gallery Public Works is opening its fall season with Computers Have A Lot To Answer For, a 40-year retrospective of legendary album artist Storm Thorgerson’s photographic prints. As one of the founders of Hipgnosis – a British design studio that produced work and accolades that transcend a simple blog summary – Thorgerson is responsible for some of the most iconic images of the 20th century: the prism of Dark Side of The Moon, the burning man of Wish You Were Here, and the kalidescopic children of Houses of The Holy. At 68 years of age he’s still working, still uncompromising, still an incredible inspiration for our design practice.

The opening is Friday, September 7th, 7:00-10:00pm. Join us.


Merrell’s Fall Campaign Launches

July 17, 2012

Last October we spent a week in the Alps and vineyards of Northern Italy shooting 2012 Merrell Footwear’s Fall Casual collection. With the help of our charmingly Italian location scouts Stefano and Niccolo, we discovered a national park tucked in the rose-hued Dolomite mountains, made our way to the pristine, serene Lake Garda, to a farm on the top of a mountain in Renon, to vineyards, to castles, and then finally, to a wrap party in a thumping Milanese club.

Chris photographed the campaign, Annika produced and styled it, and our good friend Kyle LaMere was our photo assistant. Thanks to our lovely models, Nikki, Carter, Emily and Zak, and to our favorite Chicago boutiques Penelope’s and Una Mae’s for providing some of the gorgeous clothing. And special thanks, of course, to the Merrell marketing team.

Check out the photos and video here.


“Billions Of Eyes” Music Video Debut

July 10, 2012

Chris’s band Beak released a new music video! Shot on location in the Mojave Desert, California, and Chicago’s legendary venue The Empty Bottle, “Billions of Eyes” is an epic realization of Beak’s bombastic metal. It was also written, directed and produced by our very own Chris Eichenseer, with live band footage directed by Chris Rejano. Read the review and watch the video over at Stereo Killer.


Outdoor Retailer: Summer Market

July 3, 2012

Over the past four years we’ve partnered some of the most admired outdoor brands in the industry to produce websites, campaigns and photo / video shoots. We’re excited to join our clients Merrell, Chaco, Cat Footwear and Cushe in Salt Lake City, August 2nd-5th to check out the newest offerings at the biggest outdoor retail event in the world. Chris and Justin will attend all four days with some hot SOP giveaways in hand. Let us know if you’re going to be there too!


“Billions of Eyes” – Video Production

June 27, 2012

We’re in the midst of editing Chris’s band Beak’s second music video from their recent release, “Eyrie”. We shot the video in two of America’s most mysterious locations: California’s Mojave desert, and Chicago’s Empty Bottle – a venue that has supported the men of Beak (and the ladies and gents of Someoddpilot) throughout their existence. We’re putting the final touches on the video now, so keep your eyes peeled, all billion of them.


Synchrodogs Zine

June 19, 2012

We design and produce zines for each of the shows in our gallery, the most recent of which is for Synchrodogs, a pair of photographers from the Ukraine. They conceptualize, style, shoot and star in their own photos (we tip our hats to them – this is how we produce as well), and although our blue renderings of their images are pretty, they don’t really do the photos justice. Come by the opening on Friday, July 20th to see the real thing.


American Heritage Shoot, Door County

May 31, 2012

Not a country kitchen knick-knack shoot, despite the title. It’s quite the opposite: American Heritage is an apocalyptic metal band that has shared the stage and a split 7″ with Mastodon and has been a client of ours for ages. Their latest record “Sedentary” came out last year and is being re-released in all it’s excellency as a 12″ LP with a special edition cover. That’s where we come in. Chris travelled to a very special forest in upstate Wisconsin’s Door County, a forest that sits on a 100 ft cliff along the Ellison Bay Bluff, for a golden-hour photo shoot that will become the basis for the record layout.


“Cabrini Green Tutoring Program” Launches New Branding

May 21, 2012

After a decade of soul-searching while the Cabrini Green projects were being torn down, The Cabrini Green Tutoring Program has a new name. “Tutoring Chicago” encompasses the organization’s proud heritage of supporting under-served Chicago youth, broadens the scope of the effort, and portrays a commanding, active presence. Our creative director led an EPIC team to research and identify the business goals, attributes, and character of the 45-year-old association, and guided the nonprofit’s board (on which sits the president of Siri, Dag Kittlaus) to a new name and logo. view project


Chris Is Showing In LA

May 16, 2012

Chris is debuting two pieces of new work (including “Charting01″, pictured) in a show opening tomorrow, Thursday, May 17th at the See Line Gallery in LA. The show is called “Museum of Temporary Art”, in homage to the pioneering alternative art venue of the same name that curated shows from 1974 to 1982 in Washington, DC . The show focuses on the interplay of time and space, and the concept of the “temporary”. Chris is joined by a couple of longtime Someoddpilot friends, Cody Hudson, Matthew Hoffman, Chad Kouri and Michael Coleman.

If you’re in LA, check it out!


Tego – Logo and Packaging

May 5, 2012

Tego, meaning “cover” in Latin, is a new iPad accessory made of ultra-durable rubber (the same material used to manufacture Crocs). It’s meant to protect a device from the bashing and trashing nature of use by kids, construction workers, and the generally clumsy portion of the population. We developed the branding, logo, collateral and package design.
view project


Boy King Islands Record Design

May 4, 2012

Boy King Islands has evolved into a lush, shoe-gazing rock band that shimmers with the same warm tones as their album’s cover photograph by Shaun Roberts. We found typographic inspiration in popular record art of the late 1970’s, and came up with a custom typography based on the Guadalupe font. The record is due out on cassette and digital.


Harmony Grill – New Site

April 5, 2012

We’ve launched a new website for Schuba’s sister restaurant, Harmony Grill. We were also commissioned to shoot the exterior, interior, chefs-in-action, and featured dishes. If you look closely you can spot Wallo sitting amongst the crowd.
view project


Beak “Eyrie” Record Design

April 4, 2012

It’s impossible for Chris not to design his own band’s album art, and Beak’s new record “Eyrie” is no exception. An Eyrie is the “nest of a bird of prey in a high and inaccessible place”, and the record is appropriately adorned with a mountain image crafted from a Mexican photo shoot in the Sierra Madre mountain range in Monterrey, where Chris was teaching a class in record cover design, of all things. The CD and digital album were released worldwide today. Vinyl coming soon.
view project


MyChacos App Launches

April 2, 2012

We partnered with our tech friends at CQL to launch a fully-functional, choose-your-own-adventure, custom-sandal-maker-online-application that allows you to design, build and buy your own custom sandals. We led the information architecture and design of the tool, as well as the branding for what is now a new business for Chaco. This custom sandal tool takes advantage of a Michigan-based on-site repair facility that hardcore Chaconians have been using for years to sneak in their own custom creations. Boom baby. Made in the USA. view project


Concrete Strategies – New Site

March 6, 2012

Inspired by our work with Caterpillar Footwear, Concrete Strategies commissioned us to design and develop their corporate site. The firm has an unparalleled track record in architectural site cast concrete, structural concrete, flatwork, site utilities and all types of self-perform concrete construction for commercial projects. view project


Merrell Barefoot Video Debut

March 1, 2012

As part of ongoing collateral development for Merrell’s Barefoot line, we scripted, shot, produced and edited a promotional video that supports the “Pretty Strong” women’s running movement. Using Merrell employees as actors, we shot all over San Diego’s varied terrains. The finished piece is set to lovely music from NYC label Friendly Fire Records. Check out the video here.


The Chicagoan

February 22, 2012

We’re thrilled to be working with The Chicagoan – our city’s newest (only?) long-form literary editorial. When JC Gabel, the editor-in-chief, first explained the concept of the magazine, it shocked us how deeply we needed this to exist in Chicago. The publication is a reaction to the very same midwest void we touched before we opened our Public Works gallery. We just launched a preview site for the magazine that explains the effort and lets you buy copies of the first issue online, but it’s an extremely limited run, so get it while you can! view project


Merrell Origins “The Slumber Bags”

February 21, 2012

Our latest installment in the Merrell Origins saga “Outdoor Recreation & The Wonders Of Nature” has been released. Titled “The Slumber Bags” the short story recalls the magical adventure of a former Indian Trail Princess who discovers, much to her chagrin, that camping has changed since she was 13. Will her friends save her? Or will she fall prey to cruel Mother Nature? Watch the final episode of this critically-acclaimed series.


Personal Space

February 14, 2012

We just finished up album designs, a rad zine and a short promo video for Personal Space, a compilation album of early electric soul music put out by Chocolate Industries. The album comes out this April jam packed with stellar images of the earth shot by a real NASA astronaut from outer space! Read about it on Pitchfork. view project


Empty Bottle – New Site

February 9, 2012

The last time we designed the Empty Bottle website was in 2002! That’s 10 years ago! That’s like one hundred years in internet time. Since then the EB website has worked hard for you and me, consistently supporting Chicago’s great music community. With a bittersweet goodbye to the past, we’re proud to unveil Chicago’s new home for all your concert-going needs!
view project


Merrell Shoot, San Diego

February 6, 2012

We recently took a trip out to San Diego to produce and direct a video shoot for Merrell. Running up and down mountains, toeing the edge of towering cliffs, wading out into the ocean, and getting ourselves nice and sore all sum up a typical Merrell shoot, in our experience. If you’re ever in the area, check out Tiger! Tiger! for some extremely hip oysters. view project


Merrell Global Brand Messaging

January 15, 2012

We’ve become Merrell’s partner is maintaining their day-to-day global messaging needs for Building and designing new marketing messages, seasonal graphics, functional galleries and copywriting are just a few of the tasks involved. We’ve extended their Barefoot brand, Performance Made Beautiful and Multisport sections with content strategies that further their relationship with their consumers and provide optimal ecommerce experiences. view project


Cabrini Green Tutoring Program

January 10, 2012

Chris will be creative directing the rebranding of the Cabrini Green Tutoring Program, a non-profit tutoring program that sprouted 45 years ago in Cabrini Green. He will be collaborating with other strategists, designers and photographers drafted by EPIC, an organization of creatives to make social change. This project will ultimately help sustain the goals of the program that will foster education resources for many of Chicago’s disadvantaged children. view project


Merrell Origins “Bare Pond” Video

January 10, 2012

We just completed a video for Merrell Origins featuring two lovebirds that get lost in the woods and stumble upon a magical pond that becomes the setting for some scandalous behavior. Interested? Watch it here!


Beak Shoot, Chicago

November 30, 2011

Our creative director might seem like a nice guy, but his post-metal quartet, Beak, is anything but. An epic, colossal band that worships the triangle, Beak sought out a photographer that could carry their modernist vision forward and found it within Someoddpilot’s walls: that is, Wallo, Villacorta. Wallo’s multiple roles – designer, architect and photographer – means that he can design and build us a kitchen as well as make killer images. See the press photos here. view project


“The Slumber Bags” Shoot, Morton Arboretum

November 1, 2011

Chris, Wallo and Annika wrapped up the shoot for Merrell Origin’s short film “Slumber Bags” this past week, using Chicago’s Morton Arboretum as the principal location, and four talented members of Chicago’s comedic theatre community. Chris and Annika developed the script and storyboards based on Astronaut Theatre’s original screenplay. The translation from page to screen was immediate and smooth because of our in-house writing, cinematography, and post-production teams. Cheers!


Sonnenzimmer – New Site

October 18, 2011

We just finished building a brand new website for Sonnenzimmer, two of the best huggers (also, amazing artists, designers and printers) out there. Check out their new site for a plethora of delicious eye candy or buy one of their rad prints. view project


Merrell Shoot, Italy

October 12, 2011

There’s nothing more breathtaking than the geography of Northern Italy, as far as I’m concerned. Having discovered the morphing landscape from the Alps to Tuscany years ago, we thought it would be the perfect place to shoot a new campaign for Merrell’s Fall 2012 collection. We shot over 80 final images, capturing the harvest and the spirit of a back country that could only be fantasy, if it weren’t so freaking real. Lookbook coming August 2012.


Red Jacket Shoot, Chicago

October 3, 2011

Chicago’s own Red Jacket Clothing, a longtime partner of ours, commissioned a full scale photography shoot for their 2012 line, prompting a tour of Chicago’s least known and most interesting corners. Chris and Wallo shot and directed over 30 setups and locations across a 3 day shoot.
view project


“Bare Pond” Shoot, Door County

October 2, 2011

If there was one place in the upper Midwest that can be called a paradise, it’s Door County Wisconsin. Located at the Northern-most point of this little finger of this North-enough state, Europe Lake was chosen as the location for the second installment of the Merrell Origins “Outdoor Recreation and the Wonders of Nature” video series. The lake is shallow, warm, and chock-full of minnows that’ll ankle-bite you into madness. Chris and Wallo spent most of the shoot up to their waists in water, patiently filming while the little nippers nipped. Watch the racey results here.


Merrell Origins Lookbook

September 28, 2011

We put this lookbook together based on our recent photoshoot in Telluride, Colorado for Merrell’s new Origins line of shoes & boots. All photography and styling by Someoddpilot. That was a good party. view project


Heading for Northern Italy

September 28, 2011

The crew is on it’s way to Italy this weekend for a week-long fashion shoot in the rolling vineyards, scraggly rocks, and beautiful lakes of the Bolzano region. Zachary Mastoon, aka Caural, will be a featured model. I know. We are so psyched.


Spaceship Shoot, Mojave

September 26, 2011

It’s not just another day when you’re shooting spaceships. As part of our work with The Spaceship Company, we were commissioned to capture their spaceships, hangars and surrounding Mojave desert on film. Hundreds of images and one stunt plane experience later (Annika, you’re either brave or totally nuts, I can’t decide), we captured the essence of Sir Richard’s spaciest company.
view project


Spaceship Company – New Site

September 19, 2011

We’re all pumped about the launch of a brand new website for aerospace manufacturer, The Spaceship Company. Founded by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites, they will provide the world’s first fleet of commercial spaceships. We have designed and built a new website filled with surreal, futurist imagery that functions with simplicity and ease.

On that note, Chris and Annika are out in the Mojave desert this week to celebrate the unveiling of  TSC’s new hangar, FAITH. Check out the website, look at their spaceships and watch some NOVA. I also want one their rad Daft Punk-ish space suits. By the way, have you seen their epic Spaceport? view project


Cat Footwear – New Site

September 15, 2011

We’ve been handling the content strategy and design of the Caterpillar Footwear site since 2007. Our latest refresh moves the site’s aesthetic toward a more fashion-oriented, elegant, and classic look.
view project


Bite Cafe – New Site

September 14, 2011

Bite Cafe’s branding has been re-designed and re-envisioned by our friend Cody Hudson, along with an interior design overhaul by Mode. It was our task to bring the site alive, complete with a layout that gets straight to the heart of the deal: the menu. This elegant and efficient restaurant site captures the ambiance and tasties of our favorite gourmet snack spot. view project


Sprout Home – New Site

September 9, 2011

Sprout Home is an urban boutique gardening center in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood that is literally down the street from our shop, with a sister store in Brooklyn. Working with them to bring their store fully online in a beautiful and streamlined shopping experience was our goal, featuring an easy to manage CMS built with customized off-the-shelf e-commerce tools. Visit the site, shop the brick and mortar and say hi to the lovely Tara and Matthis along the way.
view project 


Merrell Origins “The Skipper” Video

September 1, 2011

The first installment of our video campaign for the new Merrell Origins footwear line. Titled “Outdoor Recreation And The Wonders Of Nature,” the series evokes the nostalgia, whimsy and wonderment of time spent outdoors, seeking to inspire a younger generation with Merrell’s ultimate message: Get Outside. Narrated by the voice of nature himself, “Randy Merrell” (aka Annika’s Swedish father, Sven), “The Skipper” is an inspired tale of a young man and his first encounter with rock skipping. Slight of hand? Magic? Physics? You decide.


Public Works Zine

August 24, 2011

As a celebration of our new gallery we’ve designed and printed a one-color zine that chronicles, in pictures and a few fold-out posters, the history of the annual series that is now our full-time gallery. Come pick one up at the Public Works opening on September 9th.


Public Works Opening and Poster

August 23, 2011

Mark your calendars for the opening of the Public Works 3 exhibition featuring Michael Cina, Andy Jenkins, Chris Strong and Evan Hecox on September 9th. We gathered up some great designers to produce the raddest poster ever for the show. Plural for designing the poster, Delicious Design League for prepping the artwork for print, and Sonnenzimmer for screenprinting the poster.

Finch’s Beer Co. will be providing some tasty libations and DJ Kid Color will be spinning into the night!

See ya’ll there!


Chocolate Industries Shoot, Chicago

August 8, 2011

It took four large men to move this phonebooth around for our Chocolate Industries photoshoot this morning. Protip: if you need manual labor at any time of day, to do pretty much anything, try Craigslist. 40 responses to carry this phonebooth around at 5am – a truly unexpected reminder of Chicago’s rampant unemployment. Also a great reminder to hit the gym. view project


“The Skipper” Shoot, Devil’s Lake

July 14, 2011

Devil’s Lake – a beautiful, glacial, Wisconsonian body of water that you would swear belongs in a pristine mountain valley in Colorado – is the setting for our new short film, “The Skipper”, for Merrell Footwear. It’s a charming Wes Anderson-inspired story of a boy, a rock, and a little bit of magic. Behind the scenes, a much more alarming tale unfolded: a scorching 12 hours in the sun, consistently wet undergarments, and a rock skipping endurance test that made us feel like a bunch of arthritic, middle-aged relief pitchers. Watch the final product here.


Public Works 3

June 28, 2011

Get ready.

The Public Works show is back for its third year! Check out the insanely awesome lineup and be sure to look out for more info about the Speaker Series lectures. See you opening night – Friday, September 9, 2011.

The Lineup:
Evan Hecox
Andy Jenkins
Michael Cina
Chris Strong


New T-Shirt in the Shop

June 24, 2011

We have a new T-Shirt in our Someoddpilot store screenprinted by our own Jon-Boy. Get these babies on your body now!


Merrell Shoot, Telluride

June 18, 2011

Two days of epic photography, four models, Annika producing and styling, Wallo on second camera duty, and Chris behind the lens. We travelled up and down Colorado’s most terrifying switchbacks in a pair of Hummers (large vehicles when you’re used to driving a bicycle), and made friends with all the locals. An amazing trip with absolutely perfect weather and unbelievable sights. Lookbook coming soon.
view project 


Epitonic – New Site

May 31, 2011 is Napster done right: free legal MP3’s that have the blessing of artists and labels. We worked with them to conceptualize a new way of delivering that content that maximizes it’s potential: organized into downloadable playlists, curated into digestible topics and genres, super-easy to play interface. This is a fun website and an great way to discover new music. Cheers! view project


Chaco’s Cooperative Retail Boom

March 25, 2011

We recently launched a big new e-commerce site for Chaco Footwear, makers of the toughest sandals this side of the Forum Romanum. The goal? Socialize the shopping process. The result? The brand saw a 70% increase in site traffic and 90% increase in site revenue.

Chaco fans, or, Chaconians, as slang would have it, are both heart and soul of the brand, and it’s important that they’re as free to run the site as they are to run rapids. Enter: the Chaco-Sphere.

The Chaco-Sphere is a game-changing concept in the retail market because it encourages Chaconian ownership of major site real estate traditionally occupied by marketing messages or semi-contrived brand ambassador pieces. At its simplest, the Chaco-Sphere is a fun way for the community to gather and talk about their adventures. At its most complex, it’s cooperative retail. view project


Epitonic Rising

February 4, 2011

Back in the day, WAAAAY back in 2001, there was one place to get the raddest legal curated mp3’s: It was hot. The concept still is and we are working with the original owners and 2011-ing it for a relaunch. Even the New York Times is excited. view project


Longman & Eagle

January 4, 2011

We’re working with Longman & Eagle to bring their website up to speed with the opening of the Inn – a soon-to-be legendary place to rest above their highly-rated gastro pub. “Eat, Sleep, Whiskey”. Will do. view project


Cushe Mobile Website

January 3, 2011

After launching the North American debut of Cushe Footwear online, we rebuilt the site for mobile devices. It’s Wolverine Worldwide’s first ever mobile website where customers can browse and purchase shoes while sitting on the train. We aimed for insanely usable and simple. The future’s here, minus all the flying about and the crappy aesthetics of usability disciple Jakob Nielsen. view project


Beak Opens for Killing Joke

November 29, 2010

Chris shares the stage with Someoddpilot favorite Killing Joke and bangs out new artwork for the show and upcoming Beak debut. More later.


American Heritage Photoshoot

November 23, 2010

On Saturday I put my new baby down for a very, very important reason: to take photographs of a legendary group of disgruntled musicians. Hi American Heritage! And I swear it wasn’t my idea for Adam to bare his pasty bear-chest in the middle of the West Side in November. He did manage to earn himself more than a few honks from passing fans, though.
view project 


New Intern

October 1, 2010

Guys, there’s so much love at Someoddpilot right now. Chris and Alicia just had a beauuuuutiful baby boy, as you can see in the above Hipstamatic baby photo.

We’re so excited. We’re planning an Anne Geddes style photo shoot for when the baby is let out to roam Chicago. I’m building an enormous peapod out of old green sweaters and beach balls, which I plan on converting into a sort of baby-hammock for the office.

My main concern: at what month do babies typically learn how to make coffee?


Boy King Islands Cassette Design

September 29, 2010

Our friend Zak Mastoon started a new band, Boy King Islands, and put Someoddpilot in charge of tape designs for their release on niche, cassette-only label Plustapes. One of our favorite album design projects to date was for Zak’s solo electronic act Caural, so we began immediate excavation of our tape collection, which was found fossilized under a couple of Jurassic Park and Die Hard Laserdisks and a Gremlins VHS.

The case design involves a hand-drawn font laid over an shot of Zak that Chris took while balanced precariously on the edge of a bathtub. I like to figure Zak in this photo as a sacrifice of Boy King Island, an innocent Piggy Stardust punished for blowing the proverbial conch shell on the barbaric artist/label/consumer relationship in classic digital music story, The Lord of The Files.

Look for the decidedly civilized release of Fall in the coming months!
view project 


Dark Party Record Cover

September 23, 2010

We’ve just finished the new Dark Party record, featuring our own handmade def-leppardesque, vector-drawn typography and marking the first time Chris’s lady has appeared on a cover, though she is cleverly hidden behind a stack of party balloons to protect her identity. Shhh. Oh, and that she’s 8 months pregnant. Originally she was there to help us complete the shoot by being the balloon launcher, but when the band saw the images he had taken just before she let them go, they were sold.
view project


Chaco Tan Contest

September 15, 2010

We’ve been running a Chaco photo contest using the Facebook “Like” button throughout the summer, and we’ve gathered photo uploads of serious sandal tans from absolutely die-hard Chaco followers. The grand-prize winner was announced on Labor Day, and throughout the summer generated unprecedented sales for the brand. Above, an amazing image submitted by a fan. See more images…


Alarm Website Launches

September 8, 2010

This one’s a media bomb. It’s a new way in a post-Pitchfork world: real live print journalism for online readers, and real online exposure for publication excellence. We’ve launched the brand new Alarm website. It features gigantic pictures, big features, blogs, shorts (micro news blurbs), a twitter feed, most reads, and more. It’s easy to read and treats each article with the respect it deserves. This is a serious online music and art publication that hangs its hat on superior content and the unwavering belief that print is most certainly not dead.

Alarm is one of my favorite magazines of all time. Enjoy. view project


Speaker Event #4: Sonnenzimmer & Chris Force

August 31, 2010

Our final event in a month long series. Sonnenzimmer the now-legendary Chicago poster-makers will be speaking, as will Chris Force, the editor of Alarm and Design Bureau. Not to be missed!

Friday September 3rd.
Speakers 7-9pm.
DJ Clerical Error (Jocelyn Brown) spins the after party.
Free beer.


Speaker Event #3: Dan Funderburgh & Mike Perry

August 25, 2010

Dan Funderburgh and Mike Perry, both artist’s in this year’s Public Works art show, will be speaking Friday after landing carefully in Chicago. These guys are funny and talented. You should see.

Speakers 7-9pm.
DJ Jobot (Jojo Yang) spins the after party.
Free beer.


Hey Champ

August 23, 2010

We started working with Hey Champ last year, shooting their press photos and designing the packaging for their debut record “Star“. For the record release we redesigned their logo, their site – and their MySpace page. It’s a good example of working with a band on every corner of their graphic needs. Going to repeat this work for my own band Beak later this year.

You must also see the music video which we did not make. It is incredible.
view project 


Public Works in Progress

August 23, 2010

Public Works is better than ever. The work is incredible, and the opening night was tons of fun and overly crowded and the speaker series nights keep getting more and more overflowing – so please come early, check out the work, grab a chair or a spot on the floor. It’s all good here. If you are a graphic-design-head or artist or independent something or other, you should be here. Next up, Mike and Dan. See schedule.


Speaker Event #2: Zach Dodson & Chuck Anderson

August 18, 2010

Zach Dodson of the Featherproof press and Chuck Anderson of No Pattern – they need no introduction. Unless they do, though they shouldn’t, and then you should click the clickies.

Speakers 7-9pm.
DJ Dinoscopy (Only Children) spins the after party.
Free beer.


Dark Party Photoshoot

August 16, 2010

We just finished up a late-night photo shoot with the two men of Dark Party in and around the Mies van der Rohe apartment complex on Lake Shore Drive. Black clothes, heavy equipment, cluster of balloons in hand, we appeared the stuff of nightmares.

A nice 80-year-old gentleman rolled down his window as he slid past in his shiny Cadillac. “Happy birthday,” He said. “Or whatever it is.” view project


Speaker Event #1: Stephen Gossett & Scott Thomas

August 13, 2010

Our first speaker event features Stephen Gosset (Flavorpill Chicago editor) and Scott Thomas (design director for the Obama campaign). It’s going to be an excellent and informative evening. Old Style will be on hand, as will the amazing Public Works art show with all of it’s glorious colorful mad works.

7pm – Scott Thomas
8pm – Stephen Gossett
9pm – DJ Pete Dougherty (Hey Champ) spins for your drinking pleasure

Friday August 13th, 2010
Andrew Rafacz Gallery
835 W Washington, Chicago (map)
7:00pm – 10:00pm


Public Works 2 Opens Friday!

August 3, 2010

Public Works is nearly here. Pretty pictures, paper quilts, mobiles, lightboxes and paintings are going up on the walls as we speak – and a special surprise: absolutely exclusive limited edition collaborative prints! Justin’s posters and postcards are all over town and it just occurred to us we’re up against Lady Gaga, but fear not we’ve got an Old Style sponsor on our side. Come on down kids, drink beer with your pappy.

Seripop, Mike Perry, Dan Funderburgh, Sonnenzimmer.
Friday August 6th @ 6-9pm at the Andrew Rafacz Gallery.


Peace Party Presents: Crude Measures

July 8, 2010

As Chicagoans, we might not be feeling the painful effects of the oil spill as much as our buddies to the south, but this doesn’t mean we should be any less concerned about the greatest ecological disaster in our nation’s history.

Come out to Danny’s on Monday, July 12th to support Peace Party’s Crude Measures benefit for the gulf coast. There’ll be drinking, prizes and dancing – especially with Jocelyn on the decks.

We designed the posters for the event, so if you feel especially moved by cute animals in perilous situations, please donate! Only then will we let go your heartstrings / release the animals.


Allá – Photoshoot

July 6, 2010

Thursday evening, Chicago’s own dark psychedelic latino indie super group Allá came to the studio for a band portrait. Old friends of mine from the band Defender, these guys are playing the Pitchfork Festival this year and both Timeout Chicago and the Tribune were waiting on a new band portrait for feature articles. We did a shoot with gels I bought in college in the 90’s that I had never used. The result is above. Let’s look at it.


Design Bureau – Vienna Photoshoot

July 1, 2010

We were commissioned to document the finest design corners of Vienna this summer for a feature in Design Bureau magazine. We met with the creators of Lomography Walking Chair, a 7 generation crystal glass company, amazing coffee houses, furniture designers and by complete coincidence our friends at Seripop – Yannick and Chloe – who were just lounging at the Kunsthalle Wien awaiting the opening of their show with Basquiat that very evening.


Alarm Press – Vienna Photoshoot

June 24, 2010

I’m in Vienna right now with the editor from Alarm shooting pictures for the magazine and we serendipitously ran into Chloe and Yannick from Seripop. We were all pretty stunned at the coincidence. They have an installation at a major group show at the Kunsthalle in Vienna that opens tonight. The museum has even named the show “Basquiat to Seripop”! They spray painted the covers of the enormous books for the show today while they were on hand.

We’re here on the arm of the Austrian board of tourism, and they from a grant by the Canadian government. Cheers to art friendly regimes. We’re excited to see the show.


Public Works – New Site and 2010 Schedule

June 18, 2010

Public Works is back this year at the Andrew Rafacz Gallery. This year’s group art show features Seripop, Sonnenzimmer, Mike Perry and Dan Funderburgh. I know, I love it too. I really can’t wait to see it myself.

The Speaker Series is also set: Alarm magazine, Flavorpill, Dan Funderburgh, Mike Perry, Sonnenzimmer, Chuck Anderson (No Pattern), Zach Dodson (Featherproof Press) and Scott Thomas (Post Family / Designing Obama). Hells. And we’ve added DJ’s and free beer.
Opening: August 6th 2010
August 6th – September 3rd


Budweiser x World Cup – Branding

May 24, 2010

The 2010 World Cup is on it’s way next month, and we were fortunate enough to work with one of our favorite subjects (soccer) and mix it with one of our favorite vices (crests) for the event. Design nerd jokes aside, Chris and Justin Fines worked up dozens of variations of what would be a soccer jersey insignia for one of America’s oldest brews, Budweiser.


AIGA – Studio Walk

May 17, 2010

So, the AIGA came up with a really great way to trick you into hanging out with us: studio walk. “Perfect!” we thought, “Maybe we can make them drink beer, talk about design and take pictures of them in these hi-larious masks!” See you Wednesday!


Hey Champ – Branding, Logo

May 12, 2010

Half Bowie and half Springsteen, Hey Champ is entirely one of the hardest working bands in Chicago, and we’re excited to be developing a new logo, album artwork and website for the July release of their first LP, Star.

If you haven’t sweaty-danced to Hey Champ at Lollapalooza, SXSW or one of Chicago’s trillion music venues, you might have seen the press photos we took of Pete, Saam and Jon as bloodied tennis players, or floating over a Lake Michigan beach – indie-rock Jesus incarnate.


TYPEFORCE – Exhibition

March 3, 2010

TYPEFORCE: The Annual Chicago Show of Emerging Typographic Allstars is a wonderful exhibition. If you live in Chicago and you are either 1) a type nerd or 2) a human being, you need to go see this show. Chris is so honored to present his work among such talented people.


Mad Decent – Site Overhaul

March 3, 2010

We know the truth is found in corners, dark spaces and out-of-way places. Bearing that in mind, we looked to the deep reaches of Twitter – the web’s graffitied bathroom stall – to see what the kids had to say about our new Mad Decent website design.

At first it was all smiles and slaps on the back:

  • “New Mad Decent layout looks niiiiiiiiiiiiice”@pholk
  • “@someoddpilot it’s a nice new base! respect.” @dao777

Then some encouraging design assessments:

  • “new @maddecent website- its part fader / part rcrdlbl” @iheartsafs
  • “White is the new black” @youronlyfriend

Finally, brutal honesty:

  • “wow doesn’t look like a headache anymore” @jessicacohn

Jessica, toss that Advil in the trash before you give yourself an ulcer. You’ve got articles to read, videos to watch, MP3’s to stream and download.


Someoddpilot – Site Relaunch

February 17, 2010

We’ve launched a brand new Someoddpilot site. Built on a WordPress back-end – a cost effective solution for sites that don’t require loads of customization – we’ve also fully integrated our social networking sites, cleaned up and updated the general layout, and made the whole thing much easier to update. Hey, you’ve got to practice what you preach.

Check out the store where we’ve added dozens of framed and un-framed silkscreen and photographic prints, including prints from Public Works artists.

In honor of the occasion we’ve made a batch of Someoddpilot desktops available for download. They feature some slick photo work from Chris, and they’re totally free.


Fat Possum – Design & Development

February 12, 2010

Well, well, well. Fat Possum and Someoddpilot made friends and then something special happened – a website came out. It’s a full blown record label website with a shopping cart and all that clicking stuff, built using our custom CMS PilotPort. Simple, bright, friendly – not at all like a chubby rodent eating from a trash can. Home to Andrew Bird, The Black Keys, and now The Walkmen. Enjoy.


Cushe – Site Launch

January 12, 2010

We’re very excited to be launching a site for a brand new footwear company: Cushe is a surf-lifestyle brand from the UK with an innovative and diverse catalog of products and loads of artistic drive. Supporting cultural heavyweights such as Bonobo, surf champion Mitch Corbett and freestyle ski champion Becky Hammond, Cushe is certainly heading in directions we are excited about.

The site features their first foray into social media with twitter and facebook integration, a breezy shopping experience, and big big pictures of shoes.


Chris Eichenseer on “Show ‘N’ Tell Show”

January 4, 2010

We’re very much looking forward to this! “The Show ‘n Tell Show is a Chicago graphic arts talk show hosted by the talented and hilarious Michael Renaud, Zach Dodson, and SpokesMom. Once a month, folks conveine to hear and share first hand accounts of working in the creative arts.”

Chris will be a guest alongside Joel Anderson (Optimus), Felt (io), Audrey Niffenegger (The Time Traveler’s Wife, Her Fearful Symmetry) and Sonnenzimmer‘s Curious Cardigans.



Chris Eichenseer at AIGA Chicago

December 14, 2009

Chris will be speaking this Wednesday night for AIGA Chicago’s “Tools of the Trade 3” program alongside Alex Fuller from the Post Family and Jana Kinsman. The topic of discussion will be how their respective interests in photography, illustration and typography integrate with their graphic design careers.

The McCormick Tribune Campus Center
Illinois Institute of Technology
3201 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60616

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009
6pm Reception
6:30-8pm Presentation


Beak – LP

November 18, 2009

Chris’s band Beak spent the weekend recording their first LP at Chicago’s own tricked-out Engine Studios, sonic hotbed of Andrew Bird, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Modest Mouse, Iron and Wine, Disturbed, Deicide, our friends Hey Champ, and R. “Girl I Wanna Get You Pregnant” Kelly. We’ve been told that the excellent insulation of the studio makes it a prime safehouse.

PilotPort™ – Development

November 6, 2009

PilotPort™ is our custom CMS (Content Management System) that features a full shopping cart, digital download selling tool, social networking tools (forums, profiles, video/photo sets, etc.), an audio player, and an easy-to-use publishing application with articles, events, calendars, different levels of editorial status, comments and ranking.

We’ve crammed PilotPort™ with everything we’ve learned from our 10+ years of site development: from Pitchfork to Empty Bottle, Mad Decent, Fat Possum, Under the Radar, Drag City, Groupon, The Point and many more.


Mathematic – Site Launch

October 26, 2009

The sister company to our client Les Télécréatuers, Mathematic is a Paris-based CG company whose credits include the latest James Bond title sequence. These guys do amazing work. They wanted a portfolio website that looked and functioned like a news site. Hello internet, we made something for you.


Cat Footwear – UK Site Launch

October 25, 2009

We’ve  loved working with Cat Footwear the last year and are excited to have just developed separate websites for their UK and International territories. The UK’s “Earthmovers” campaign is quickly earning a reputation for its striking imagery of capoeira martial artists performing impossible-looking stunts above Orwellian landscapes, courtesy of Fold 7.


Lincoln Hall – Site Launch

October 15, 2009

The owners of legendary Chicago music venue Schubas have built a future cornerstone of the music scene: Lincoln Hall. Just steps aways from the site of the former Lounge Ax – a classic venue forced out by nearby yuppie condo owners for it’s noise pollution – Lincoln Hall has been built from the ground-up to deliver state-of-the-art sound that fills the large and stately auditorium, slaying it’s audience rather than it’s neighbors.

We were psyched to build out the new calendar-driven site, helping to shape not only the interface but the identity too. Go Olympic-less Chicago. It shares the same back-end as the Schuba’s site, created by Tecture.


Chris Eichenseer Photography – Site Launch

September 23, 2009

I will not readily admit when we started putting the new photography site together, like in terms of how many years ago, but it’s now up and doing its thing, showcasing many, many never before seen images. More to come, including a store for buying prints. Yes dammit!


Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguar, Dead Oceans – Blog Designs

September 8, 2009

We’re excited to create three new blog designs for three record labels that get a lot of iTunes action in this office: Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguar, and Dead Oceans. Our aim is for the designs to reflect the intimate connection between the labels (they’re run out of the same office in Bloomington, IN), but to ensure their separate personalities. You know those parents who dress their triplets up in matching outfits? We aren’t those parents.


Public Works on Chicago Tonight

August 26, 2009

Actual television coverage of an art show! That is really something else. WTTW, let me tell you – I don’t watch TV much, but when I do, I watch you all the time. They will be airing a segment on Public Works Thursday, August 27th at 7:00pm. I’m going to tape it.


Public Works

August 26, 2009

We’ve moved the show online. Please check out the Public Works store where you can purchase the work from the show. The exhibit and lecture series has concluded with an awesome night with Dawn and Ben. It was nearly at an illegal capacity. A very big heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated, from my girlfriend to AIGA, the speakers and especially everyone who attended, listened and asked questions. Good work everyone.

Some reviews:

We have more events planned. We’ll be in touch.


Nosferat-who? Public Works in Timeout Chicago

August 19, 2009

Timout Chicago interviewed Chris and put together a really lovely article about the Public Works show and lecture series. “We couldn’t stop staring at Eichenseer’s self-portrait Rabbit, Run (2009, pictured)—in part because its crazed look belies the designer’s affable demeanor.” Sheep in wolves’ clothing? Likely story.


Chris Eichenseer – Lecture and Q&A

August 18, 2009

This Friday join us at the Andrew Rafacz Gallery for the second night of a design series. Justin Fines (Demo), Justin Teegarden-Downs (Delicious Design League) and Chris Eichenseer (Someoddpilot x Public Works) will each speak for about 45 minutes, Q & A following. On the third night, Dawn Hancock of Firebelly Design and Harper Reed of Threadless will be speaking. Come to the events, learn something, meet some people and feel good.


Drag City – Site Launch

August 13, 2009

I type this message from a keyboard sticky from cheap champagne: the Drag City site is live!

After years of internet heartbreak, Drag City has a site that’s as pleasant to peruse as your neighborhood record store. Its organic, one-of-a-kind design is the mutant collaboration between DC owner Dan Osborn’s hand-inked designs and the chops of SOP’s own Chris Eichenseer. Features, you ask? Only the finest. We built a massive database and catalog of the 250+ titles. You can search everything, listen to most of it and buy all of it. We also constructed a digital download store from scratch, so you can get your music things 2009-style.

Thus, good people, I implore: kill that torrent and buy yourself a record. You’ll feel great.


Lollapalooza Photography

August 12, 2009

Chris and Wallo were at Lollapalooza this last weekend shooting artist portraits for Blurt Magazine, including Chairlift, Gomez, Ravonettes, The Knux, Joshua James, Lykke Li, and nine others. We’ll be posting all of the images soon. Until then…enjoy!


Rock Poster Show

July 1, 2009

A great little gallery in Lincoln Square named {fill in the blank} asked us to submit three of our posters for their upcoming show. Swing by on July 10th for the opening of A Similar Sound: the art of the rock poster, check out the work, and say hi!


Computers for Schools

July 1, 2009

We just donated 2001’s crop of now-environmentally-poisonous heap of toxins, also known as CRT’s and g4’s, to the Chicago branch of Computers for Schools. We highly recommend you check them out, or something like them in your community, to give those lethal computing bombs a few more hours of usefulness before they enter the DNA of tomorrow’s dolphins.


Red Jacket – Photoshoot

June 24, 2009

We just wrapped up a marathon 3-day photo shoot with Red Jacket Clothing, across 24 distinct Chicago locations: the Brown Line, lakefront, chinatown, west side, uptown, downtown… you got to turn your life around. Thanks to Mark at Hard-Boiled Records for the last-minute rainy day location, and a big “Mom!” to the diligent custodians of security at the city’s many libraries and parks who attempted to pull that permit nonsense on us. We were all like “Come on, really?”


Merrell – Web Design & Development

June 23, 2009

We redesigned and developed Merrell‘s site in HTML & Javascript to provide the same dynamism and functionality as the original site, which was built in Flash & AJAX. The result is a shopping experience that’s highly functional, smooth, and downright download-friendly. Nerd-talk, anyone?


IDN: From Sketch to Production

June 5, 2009

IDN has just released a special book entitled “From Sketch to Production” to celebrate the Cut ‘n’ Paste phenomenon. It features a profile on Chris and SOP and can be purchased here.


Fat Possum Records – Web Design & Development

April 14, 2009

Founded in Oxford, Mississippi in 1992, Fat Possum Records is a bastion of independent blues and soul. Originally known for their extensive recordings of famed Mississippi bluesman R.L Burnside, Fat Possum has recently amassed a collective of contemporary artists most unusual, from eminent troubadour Andrew Bird, to lo-fi surfpunker Wavves. This spring we’ll be designing and developing a new label shop and site to showcase Fat Possum’s roster.


Public Works Art Show

April 6, 2009

This August, Someoddpilot and The Windish Agency bring you the Public Works Art Show at the Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago’s West Loop.

The group show will feature four artists who’ve spent years in Chicago working within the independent art and music communities: Cody Hudson (Struggle, Inc.), Justin Fines (Demo), Andy Mueller (Ohio Girl), and Chris Eichenseer (Someoddpilot). Longtime friends, the four men have parlayed their street-level art styles into careers as internationally recognized graphic designers, their work inhabiting the ever narrowing space between fine art and commercial design.

Opening Friday, July 31st.


Teaching in Mexico: How to Make a Record Cover

March 19, 2009

Chris is traveling to Mexico this summer to teach a course in the art of designing a record cover. He’ll spend a week dumping his brain on unsuspecting Mexican students at CEDIM in Monterrey, giving them his two cents on how to make iconic and memorable images, handmade typography, and various production techniques.


Someoddpilot Turns Ten

March 16, 2009

Really? We are 10 years old. If we started out as a human baby, we’d just have reached the 3rd grade. Is that advanced? If you think it’s not, try picturing that 2 year-old agency you contacted for your new website with its thumb in its mouth. Ouch. I know. We’re going to be throwing some events and parties this year to celebrate, in conjunction with our good friend Tom and his Windish Agency. More soon.


Cat Footwear – S/S 09 Redesign

March 2, 2009

Our first seasonal update to the Cat Footwear site is for Spring/Summer 2009, which are seasons we’ve heard of but hardly remember. Here’s to remaining faithful to the belief in the concept and the eventual arrival of something warmer and brighter.


Mad Decent – Web Design & Development

March 2, 2009

Mad Decent came to us with the explicit need for a site that combined the best elements of a blog, a record label, and a social networking site. What we’re designing is a one-stop community where you can download Diplo’s latest track, watch Bonde De Role tear up the stage, post your two-cents on the discussion wall, and pick up the freshest Mad Decent gear.


Mathematic – Web Design & Development

February 27, 2009

Mathematic is a motion design studio based in Paris, France that lives at the crossroads of art direction, design and video effects. The Mathematic redesign will provide seamless video integration, and assure prominent display of their sleek music videos, advertisements, and CG work. We also designed the site for Mathematic’s partner production company, Les Télécréateurs in 2008.


Under the Radar – Web Design & Development

February 24, 2009

Under The Radar Mag bills itself as “The Solution to Music Pollution,” and we’re excited to provide a stump for an honest voice in the arena of online music criticism. We’re giving the site a fresh new look backed by a publishing system with everything an editorial could need.


Farewell Consumers Research

January 9, 2009

Our longtime friends and associates, the Consumers Research and Development Label, has decided to cease operations and move on to new pursuits. Despite the fact that it is a difficult time for the music industry and has been for quite a stretch now, does not diminish the lasting impact that small boutique-y record labels like Consumers have had on many many lives. Hats off to you Geoffrey and Jodi – you did good. It’s been a pleasure making art with you.

America Elects a New President

November 6, 2008

Chicago suddenly becomes the center of the universe as Barack Obama is elected the 44th president of the United States. Almost the entire office attended the rally downtown and participated in the making of history. This is what happens when the president comes from your city: my dentist is Obama’s dentist, our friend and colleague Sol designed the now infamous “O” logo, a friend of ours did Joe Biden’s teleprompting, another friend built the bulletproof lectern for the Grant Park rally, and the new Chief of Staff gets a beer where I do a couple times a week, the humble Long Room on Irving Park Rd. Cheers!

Cat Footwear – Site Launch

September 26, 2008

We designed and developed a new global website for Caterpillar Footwear and it launched in late August. Using photographic source material from their campaigns, we designed things, animated things and programmed accessible, standards-compliant CSS.

Lés Télécreateurs – Site Launch

September 12, 2008

In September we launched a new website for Parisian company Lés Télécreateurs, an exceptional group of international directors specializing in music videos, short films, and commercials. They are even responsible for a new vide for Mogwai, which happens to be one of our favorite bands of all time. The site was modeled on the structure of a news site and features an ever-changing homepage, top 10 lists, and a big fat custom CMS on the backend for easy client-updating.


Denial Fest – Sponsorship

August 4, 2008

We’re sponsoring a new series of metal/instru-metal /aggro-post-rock shows in Chicago to educate and raise dough for the Climate Crisis, called “Denial Fest”. We’ve designed a website and a silkscreened poster printed by Delicious Design League, who are also donating their efforts.

Chris Eichenseer – Photography

March 21, 2008

Someoddpilot’s Chris Eichenseer has a solo art exhibition, Cry Me a River, at the Threadless gallery space (3011 N. Broadway, Chicago) opening Friday May 2nd. He will be showing new photography work. The opening on Friday is 7 to 9pm, and the show will be up through May 18th.

If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, it’s a great space with interesting design community shows – Chuck Anderson was there in December and Electric Heat was just there in January.


March 5, 2008

Pitchfork announced today the upcoming launch of their new enterprise,, which will be this generation’s answer to the concept of a 24hr music television channel. We are honored to have developed the branding for this new enterprise. I have to wonder if MTV is at least a little bit freaked out.


Pitchfork on The Onion

February 18, 2008

I would never have guessed our work would end up on the front page of The Onion. Very funny article.

The Point – Logo

February 12, 2008

We recently designed the logo for a new social activism/fundraising community website called The Point. There is also an entertaining YouTube video on how it works.



Cut ‘n’ Paste

August 20, 2007

Chris will be a judge at this year’s Cut ‘n’ Paste Design Tournament in Chicago, October 6th. It’s a tournament that pits designer against designer in 15 minute battles. Should be fun.

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