The Spaceship Company

Web design, web development, and photography for the first commercial spacecraft manufacturer. 

Goodbye NASA, hello Sir Richard.
Sir Richard Branson’s most recent venture, Virgin Galactic, has acquired The Spaceship Company, an aerospace engineering and manufacturing company that will produce all of the Virgin-branded spaceships that, in a few years, will send the very rich, very bored, and very brave citizens of our earth into orbit for a mere $200,000 a seat.

We were approached by The Spaceship Company to rebrand, redesign and rebuild their website in time for them to take center ring in Virgin’s next big thing. Their web presence was lacking the jaw-dropping grandeur and appeal of the machines they engineered – TSC was not dressing like a company that brings to life the dreams of every child born since the early 1960s. Our goal was to make the site pack a spaceship-sized wallop, and to help TSC attract potential employees to the underpopulated aerospace boom town in the Californian Mojave desert.

Mojave: The Gateway To Space
We flew out to their headquarters in Mojave to photograph the planes, the windmill-speckled flats and cacti-strewn mountains, and designed a site that feels like you’re in the cockpit of one of their ships, navigating the clouds, not the Cloud. The background image was shot from a stunt plane, the colors, fonts and grid evoke the minimalist console of advanced aircraft, and the photos are treated with an otherworldly glow that we can only assume must flood your senses while floating 68 miles above the surface of the earth.

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