Sprout Home

Web design, development, and ecommerce for a home and garden company. 

An urban eden.
Sprout’s store is a human-sized version of the lush, miniature ecosystems they cultivate in hand-blown glass terrariums. You walk into a labyrinth of modernist furniture and shelves dripping with exotic flowers, pushing aside green tendrils as you make your way from display after display of tasteful knicknacks.

Building a digital greenhouse.
Sprout approached us to design and develop an e-commerce website that embodied their verdant aesthetic. They had very specific needs: a class reservation system, a complex admin-side order fulfillment process, and content division between their Chicago and Brooklyn stores. We customized a WordPress backend to meet these needs and skinned the pages with natural textures and the floral vector shapes to frame their hundreds of home and garden products.

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