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Branding, web design and development for a music editorial.

When Pitchfork approached us in 2004 they were a fledgeling online editorial on a discombobulated website without any consistent branding – something they hadn’t considered or felt necessary because every iota of their attention was focused on producing extremely influential and high-quality music writing. Pitchfork and Someoddpilot had always shared a mutual respect (and a common cultural arena, zipcode and friends), so we were the perfect agency to shape their entire brand identity and online presence.

Given the super-fast now now now nature of a bleeding-edge digital news site, we set our bar high and successfully launched the new site and logo within a month. Gone were the days of hand-coding each article page; Pitchfork had its first database. Gone were the slapdash site designs that changed monthly on the owner’s whim; Pitchfork had a beautiful blue site that cleanly presented a huge amount of editorial content in an reader-optimized information hierarchy.

Eight years later we’re still thrilled to spot the logo flying proudly over the Pitchfork Music Festival, on a blog, in print or on tv. It has become a cornerstone of a cultural movement. Who would have thought a little pitchfork could lift a brand to such lofty heights?